Virtual Host using WAMP server

First thing you need to do is install a latest wamp server on your system.
Once setup is done. Start the WAMP server.
Default link to access WAMP server is http://localhost/.
Now if you create a new website folder under htdocs named website so the default link to run the new project is http://localhost/website
If you want to rename the link from http://localhost/website to suppose that is creating a virtual host you need to follow below steps:

  1. Goto your My Computer > C > windows > system32 > drivers > etc
    Edit hosts file using admin rights
  2. Once hosts file is opened. Right at bottom of file add following code is host name which i want to run as and save the file
  3. Then, Go to wamp installation folder: apache >conf  > extra
    and edit httpd-vhosts.conf file
  4. Once file is opened as following code at bottom of file. This code gives permission to virtual host to folder
    <directory C:/wamp/www>
    Order Deny, Allow
    Allow from all
    <VirtualHost *:80>
    DocumentRoot “C:\wamp\www\website”
  5. Now restart your server and run host as and it will point to www/website folder.


Butterflies of Goa

Our first mobile app for android device showcasing the list of different butterflies spices found in Goa.

This app provides a detail information about the butterflies found in Western ghats along with photographs.

Butterflies are classified depending upon there family found in this region.
Layout of app is simple with the side left side menu showcasing links to content of app.

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About Kaves

In 2011, we got our first project to design and develop a website for resort in Goa. It was a big project us and expectation where very  high to keep quality and standard as per requirement. Our team was not only able to deliver the project on time but also kept standard and quality high.

We are avid follower of technology that helps to maintain and deliver project with quality matching international standards. Over period of time we have successfully developed web and mobile apps for various client across India.

We strive to lead our team of designers and developers to break boundaries & conventions in user experience & interface design, to think creatively and to enhance the problem solving skills.

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